A busy and stressful modern lifestyle is the cause of many diseases today. To avoid it is also not possible as the demand of the work culture is skyrocketing. Diabetes is a disease whose genesis we can find more in the modern living and taxing routine. Forming equilibrium stress and a healthy routine is compulsory these days. Proper diet, adequate physical workout, adequate rest, and seeking Ayurvedic treatment will definitely be helpful in this case. In Sanskrit, diabetes is called Prameha or Madhumeha. More than 4000-year- old science of life or age as the name suggests Ayu (age or life) Veda (Science or knowledge) is treating people with numerous diseases. Ayurvedic medicine believes in eradicating the very cause of the disease rather than stopping it, as one can see in the other medicine science. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder, where the pancreas either does not produce sufficient insulin or altogether stops producing insulin. Diabetes can lead to many complications like strokes, heart diseases, kidney problems, etc. In Ayurveda, diabetes is due to Vata, Pitta or Kalpa. If you are suffering from it, time is ripe that you take care of your body. A balanced diet and exercise with the proven benefit of Ayurvedic medicine will restore the damage caused by the disease. We will help you enhancing and gain better control of your body with the options of the medicines suits you best. You are only diabetic in your family or have a family history of diabetes; our range of medicines will let you regularize disorders. Ayurveda is a natural herbal science that best complimented a routine lifestyle. Exercise according to your resistance power, add fruits like orange, grapes, Jamun, amla, etc to your regular diet. Snake gourd, bitter gourd, cabbage, cauliflower, pudina, methi leaf, ginger, garlic, onion, should be on your platter.

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